Sourdough Toasting Bread on a board.

About a year ago to the day, the whole world began baking bread. And as the loaves emerged, the questions followed.


Answering these questions also confirmed:

  • Bread still hasn’t shaken its high-maintenance reputation.事实上,在家里被锁定了这么多人让面包烘烤,表明这种误解仍然存在:面包烘烤需要大量的时间和关注,需要局限于几个小时才能成功撤下。
  • 烘烤面包继续充满欢乐和成就感的人。Pulling a loaf of freshly baked bread out of the oven never fails to inspire wonder. Bakers derive as much happiness frombaking一块面包给予上e away.

To help position bread-baking as a less needy undertaking — a constant goal of mine — and to encourage people to bake on even as the world opens up, I thought I’d share are some of the tips and ideas I’ve found myself reiterating time and again this past year.


  1. The refrigerator is your best friend.The biggest tip I have for the many people who still feel they can’t work bread-baking into their very busy schedules is to use the fridge. At any point of the bread-baking process — after you mix the dough, after it’s made one rise, after it’s made two rises, after it’s been shaped and transferred to its baking vessel — bread dough can be transferred to the fridge, and it can hang out there for a long time (days even, depending on the dough).Note: Dough should be stored in an airtight container in the fridge to ensure a crust does not form on the dough.
  2. Ascale继续是必不可少的。我曾经只对面粉和其他干成分的规模强烈感到强烈,但我现在鼓励面包师称重一切 - 面粉,盐,液体等使用尺度确保你正遵循一个配方。它还允许您以有意义的方式排除故障并进行调整。
  3. 制造一条好面包的大部分是using the right amount of salt given the amount of flour you are usingby weight这就像任何东西:面包必须经过很好的调味。至少使用10克盐每500克面粉。(我喜欢使用更多。)
  4. 制造好面包的一大部分就是using the right amount of water given the amount of flour you are usingby weight。Depending on the flour you are using and your environment, and depending on the type of bread you are making, the appropriate amount of water will vary. And it may take some trial and error to get right. A scale will make the trial and error process go more quickly.
  5. 如果你得到#3和#4右,你就是制作一条伟大的面包的80%。
  6. 敏捷:没有万无一失的面包配方。Try as I might over the years to make bread baking as foolproof as possible, I’m realizing it’s a lost cause. What works for me in my environment, might not work for you, even if we are using the exact same brands of ingredients and the exact same measurements. Moreover, what works for me perfectly one month, may not work perfectly the next. As the seasons change, flours change, environments change. You have to go into bread baking with a willingness to make adjustments even tothe recipes you are closest with。规模使调整容易。我一直太瓦eaking my bread recipes, changing ratios, playing with different methods, and I encourage others to do the same.
  7. Focaccia,yeast-leavened或者sourdough, is the best bread recipe for beginners, for a few reasons, namely: it requires no special equipment, it requires no tricky shaping technique, it requires no scoring. With focaccia, if you have a 9×13-inch baking pan and your finger tips (for dimpling), you’re good to go.
  8. Sourdough can be simple and delicious没有自闭症或优选或莱佛士的制造。我与酵母成功的最大提示包括:
    • It starts withyour starter确保它是strong and active before mixing a loaf of dough.
    • 用一个straight-sided vesselto ensure your dough does not over ferment during the bulk fermentation. Stop the bulk fermentation when your dough has increased in volume by 50-75% (as opposed to when it doubles).
    • 冷障碍烘烤前至少24小时。
  9. Stop buying commercial whole wheat flour.如果营养是目标,则使用商业全小麦粉几点点。为了真正增加营养到面包,使用石头碾碎的面粉。(在这里阅读有关石材碾碎的面粉。) Keep in mind, the more stone-milled flour you use in your breads, the less light and airy the crumb will be. Keep in mind, too, a little stone-milled flour goes a long way in terms of imparting flavor, color, and aroma.
  10. A simple trick for getting a more open crumb? It’s all in the shaping. Instead of shaping a round,塑造巴达拉德。我不知道为什么这有效,但它确实如此。观看下面的视频:


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